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David Keenan

Clients Represented

  • Health Infrastructure NSW
  • Macquarie University
  • University of Sydney
  • UNSW
  • AdvanCell Isotopes
  • University of Melbourne
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Melbourne Health
  • Garvan Institute of Medical Research
  • St Vincent’s Centre for Applied Medical Research
  • Department of Health & Human Services

Professional Experience

David has over 20 years’ of national experience across the Health, Education and Research sector, providing greater opportunities to facilitate the human impact of clients’ work in these markets. As a National Director of the Project Management and Advisory team, David delivers expert leadership to major projects across Australia, with a particular focus on large and complex Health, Education and Research. With a strong background in specialised project delivery, David understands the world of project planning, design and delivery and is well-equipped to continue delivering world class projects in the ever-evolving field. David is a recognised leader of multi-awarding winning projects, with a thorough understanding of operational issues in the design and construction of these often complex and highly serviced facilities.

David’s role involves strategic leadership through collaboration with co-directors, leading new business opportunities in health, education and research, in addition to providing leadership and input to projects on behalf of our clients.

Professional Affiliation / Accreditation

  • International Institute of Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL)
  • Association of Biosafety for Australia & New Zealand (ABSANZ)
  • Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC)

Thought Leadership

  • Keenan DG (2021) Webinar – Insights into healthy buildings, Green Building Council Australia
  • Keenan DG (2021) Webinar – Universities & Institutes – Global Campus Trends for the Future, Waldner Academy
  • Keenan DG (2021) Webinar – Spotlight on Life Sciences: A Cross-Regional Focus, CBRE
  • Keenan DG (2021) Podcast – CBRE Talking Property ‘A New Era of Life Sciences Growth’
  • Keenan DG (2020) Australia ViewPoint – An Australian Whitecoat Whitepaper, CBRE
  • Keenan DG (2020) What sustainability opportunities does COVID-19 present for the Science & Research sector? CBRE
  • Keenan DG (2019) Fab Lab. ENGineering Buildings (CIBSE) Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer Edition
  • Keenan DG (2018) 18th Australian Space Research Conference – Designing the Human Health and Performance (HHP) Laboratory
  • Keenan DG (2018) Fab Lab. Ecolibrium Magazine (AIRAH) August
  • Keenan DG + Spencer G (2018) Data is driving design for Education. Building Design & Construction Magazine: June
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  • Keenan DG (2018) Mass Science: Superlab Design Best Practice. Building Design & Construction Magazine: February
  • Keenan DG (2016) Professional Profile: David Keenan. Lab Design News: March
  • Keenan DG (2007) Development of an Equipment Monitoring System. Laboratory Manager Magazine

Relevant Projects

Higher Education & Research
Health Infrastructure

RNA Pilot Manufacturing Facility

David is advising on NSW RNA Pilot Manufacturing Facility project. The facility will position NSW at the cutting edge of RNA based therapeutic development.  The GMP facility will produce material for early clinical trial and development purposes.  This highly collaborative project brings together the Office for Chief Scientist and Engineer (sponsor), NSW Vice Chancellor’s Committee, Office for Health and Medical Research (OHMR) and NSW Health.



Deakin University

Research Innovation Science and Engagement (RISE)

David led the business case and briefing phase for the Research Innovation Science and Engagement (RISE) development at DU’s Burwood Campus. The RISE development will be the single largest capital development by DU and a shift in interdisciplinary research and education.



Macquarie University

Law School Building

The new Law School project replaces an under-utilized building at 17 Wally’s Walk replacing it with a Law School Building
The new Law School project replaces an under-utilized building at 17 Wally’s Walk replacing it with a contemporary timber/concrete hybrid structure for contemporary teaching and research.

Sleep Research Clinic

The Sleep Research Clinic will repurpose a previous commercial building on campus with a purpose designed space for clinical care, medical research and molecular biology. Over 4 levels the project will sustainably re-use and existing building and structure into a contemporary research and education facility.

8,500 sqm


University of Sydney

The Life Earth and Environmental Sciences (LEES1)

The development unlocked an important gateway to the university campus.  The facility was a combined research and education facility and provided 3 levels of leading edge ‘super labs’ for teaching.  David was the Principal-in-charge for the design team.




The Science Engineering Building (SEB)

The SEB provides UNSW with more world class research space and infrastructure.  The SEB project has facilitated the recruitment of Nobel Laureate researchers to these ‘best in class’ laboratories.  David was the Principal-in-charge of the laboratory planning/design team.



AdvanCell Isotopes


The planning for a nuclear medicine facility in Newcastle, NSW and complimentary radiopharmacy in South Australia. The facilities will support AdvanCell with their globally unique platform technology for alpha emitting cancer therapies. David is responsible for providing strategic leadership as well as to actively facilitate the consultation phase of this project.



Health Infrastructure NSW

Westmead Health and Innovation District (WHID) and Health Enterprise Zone (HEZ)

David is supporting Health Infrastructure with the development of the Westmead Health and Innovation District (WHID) and Health Enterprise Zone (HEZ) to create one of NSW’s premier hub of health and medical research.




Cumberland West Mental Health Relocations (CWMHR)

The CWMHR will provide a new purpose built mental health facility at Westmead.

David led the CBRE team providing project management and health planning services for the project. The project encompasses Acute, Sub-Acute and community services.

COVID-19 Ventilator Response Strategy

and the CBRE team provided project management and technical expertise to the NSW planning for the COVID-19 Ventilator Response Strategy. 



Department of Health & Human Services, Peter Mac, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Health

Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)

A 130,000 sqm facility delivered as a public private partnership (PPP) project.


David was responsible for managing the design and development, through to construction and occupation, via an active engagement with the client.

130,000 sqm


Garvan Institute of Medical Research and St Vincent’s Hospital

The Kinghorn Cancer Centre

A new purpose-built clinical care and translational research facility. David’s role was to procure and lead the consultant team, as well as managing the client-side interests in design and construction of the project.



Garvan Institute of Medical Research

Australian BioResources

State of the art facility for breeding and holding of small animal research colonies.  David’s role was to support the construction phase of the project.



Nepean and Blue Mountains Local Health District

Education & Research Strategy for the Local Health District (LHD)

Providing expert advisory services to develop an Education and Research strategy for the Local Health District (LHD).  David led the consultation with the clinicians, academics and staff on developing this strategy. CBRE is leading the $1B redevelopment of the NBMLHD campus.



NSW Government

Confidential Unsolicited Proposal for a Health and Research related PPP comprising Australian first technology should the project proceed.  CBRE are leading the development of a Business Case and other project management services on the project.



Academic Research

  • Hollway G, Maule J, Gautier P, Evans TM, Keenan DG, Lohs C, Fischer D, Wicking C, Currie PD (2006) Scube2 mediates Hedgehog signalling in the zebrafish embryo. Developmental Biology;294:104-118.
  • Bryson-Richardson RJ, Daggett DF, Cortes F, Neyt C, Keenan DG, Currie PD (2005) Myosin Heavy Chain Expression in Zebrafish and Slow Muscle Composition. Developmental Dynamics;233:1018-1022.
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